Webinar: Sending support where it's needed most: Using data to support health care workers

Nora Löhr
Event date 26 May '20 17:00 - 18:00
Event location Online: PT 8 AM / ET 11 AM / CET 5 PM / EAT 6 PM

Across societies struck by COVID-19, health care workers are on the frontlines, facing increased pressure from overburdened health systems as well as higher personal risks due to a lack of personal protective equipment. From telemedicine to virtual training, to surveillance and health risk mitigation, data-driven tools can play an important role in supporting health workers in their efforts to respond to the pandemic. Some professionals are using WhatsApp and video calls to keep in touch with patients, while organizations have had to swiftly adapt existing technology to provide health staff with the necessary information and training needed to safely respond to this crisis.In this virtual event, we’ll explore how organizations can use data to support health care workers — 70% of whom are women — to do their jobs better, more efficiently, and more safely.

Register here: https://pages.devex.com/gender-data-covid19#upcoming-event