The COVID-19 boomerang effect: New forecasts predict sharp increases in female poverty

Nora Löhr • 3 September 2020

We have heard the dire economic predictions and warnings that COVID-19 is pushing more people into extreme poverty. But new forecasts commissioned by the United Nations Development Programme and UN Women offer the first global estimates of extreme poverty by sex and age that take into account the economic fallout from the pandemic. The data indicates that COVID-19 has unleashed a powerful boomerang effect reversing the progress we have already made.

Not surprisingly, this data also confirms that women and girls — already overrepresented among the world’s extreme poor by 6 million — will continue to be the hardest hit. Yet these figures are only the tip of the iceberg. While they account for the overall economic slowdown, they do not reflect the specific challenges faced by women, such as their higher job losses, shrinking work hours, and greater care burdens.

This new data is featured in "From Insights to Action," the latest report by UN Women:…